Skyonair launches versatile unique live engine

Our versatile, strong and unique LIVE engine has all the latest advanced features which will make your channel looks like any professional News Channel.

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Skyonair launches latest PCR & MCR modules

If you have a Studio, an MCR (Master Control Room) or a PCR (Production Control Room) or both then you can take extra advantages using our software.

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DeckLink Playout Engine is the most advanced playout engine which ensures the most stable and strong playout platform for any kind of Satellite or Ground TV Channel.

We have integrated the newest NDI (Network Device Interface) technology with SkyOnAir so that you can easily get the live video sources for your channel or monitor your channel from anywhere in the world remotely.

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  • Latest Advanced Technology

  • Robust Playout Engine

  • Ultra Modern Smooth CG

  • Versatile Unique Live Engine

  • Multipurpose Streaming Engine

  • Automatic & Manual Operations

  • Latest PCR & MCR Modules

  • Advanced Navigation Technology

  • New NDI Monitoring Technology

  • Latest Built-in AI Technology

  • New Generation IP Stream Output

  • New Generation IP Stream Output

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